fanny pack.

So, guess what I discovered yesterday…. I can’t have Lindt bunnies or lindor balls…. what is the point of Easter if you can’t eat those?

Lately, I have been all over the place. I keep getting up way too early for things I need to be at because I keep getting times wrong.

I am currently working on editing a thriller for uni. I think it’s such a cool concept and I hope I can bring it to life.

For my media course I need to find an article “written in an unethical manner in the past 3 months in SA” – I have spent hours trying to find one and I cannot find anything… the strugs.


This outfit had to be shot because I got the coolest fanny packs/moonbags! I happened to look online and found a lady selling them. Check it out below! If you want to get one comment below and I’ll help you get in contact with her.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!


IMG_3162IMG_3094IMG_3157 copy 2IMG_3133IMG_3100IMG_3157IMG_3137IMG_3151IMG_3159


Get this look:

Unicorn Fanny Pack – Online – Tiara Pathon
Dress – Trenchtown – 2nd Hand – Label says LA Gear
Shoes – PUMA Suede
Choker – Woolworths

Makeup: Casey Rautenbach
BB Cream – Garnier
Bronzer: Victoria Jackson – Beauty to Go
Eyeshadow: Victoria Jackson – Beauty to Go
Mascara: Max Factor – False Lash Effect
Lips: Labello Lip Butter
Beauty Blender



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